If you like to dabble in stocks (like me), you are likely conscious about events of high volatility in the market which could lead to massive red days which could further extend to even weeks or months. I call this FOMC — fear of market crash.

Yes, I just invented this term. But the concern is real and many in the past have tried to predict such events with low success rates. One individual who accurately predicted the biggest crash of our lifetime, the 2008 housing market crash, was Dr. Michael Burry.

At the time, he was a hedge fund…

Let me explain. I was reading this book about ‘Big Data’ and the internet, that I casually picked up from a convenient store at the Austin airport.

The book was called “Everybody Lies” by Seth Stephens-Davidowitz and it delved into several really interesting topics mostly revolving around data science, the internet and human psychology.

In one of the earlier chapters of the book, the author provides insightful examples of how people make everyday decisions based on their previous experiences. One of those examples involved the author’s grandmother.

He talks about how his grandmother helped him pick the right person to…

Following up from the my previous attempt to model how best to pick a movie, this new iteration takes a very different approach.

In the previous project, I tried to predict the IMDB rating for a specific movie based on several factors such as whether the movie contained an Oscar winning actor, genre of the movie and most importantly, the Rotten Tomato score.

Picking the Rotten Tomato score as one of the predictor variables was a mistake. The correlation value between this score and the dependent variable, IMDB rating, was 0.86 which indicated a strong association between the two.


It’s only when you look back and reflect that you realize the transitions and transformations that you have been through. We work towards our goals everyday but the smaller achievements often go unnoticed, especially by oneself. Taking the time to view this journey from a broader perspective helps in recognizing the growth that has transpired.

Such is the case with me and my confidence while speaking to a larger audience. It was not until one of my friends pointed it out when I realized that there had been a positive change in the way I speak in a room full…

Google Colab is one of the best and most convenient ways to run Jupyter Notebooks. However, it took me a while to stumble upon this platform and even longer to truly appreciate what it had to offer.

A lot of my early work with Python was done on a local computer using IronPython which is an interpreter that comes installed with the widely popular data science platform Anaconda.

At that point, I hadn’t explored Jupyter Notebooks and was wildly under-utilizing the Anaconda suite of tools and libraries. …

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